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Hi, Dear St. Paulian,

Greetings from your Alma Mater! I am Fr. George K.K, the 13th Principal, of your great and legendary school.

Founded by the great visionaries – Fr. Victor, Fr. Edgar and Bro Rezier on 16th July, 1953, your beloved temple of learning has completed 70 years of its glorious existence and magnificent service. The radiant history of these seven decades witnessed the hard work of illustrious Principals and dedicated managers who brought up St. Paul’s to the level of inspiring admiration. Beginning with Fr. Edgar, the reigns of administration of St. Paul’s was in safe hands of noble principals, Fr. Avito Coutinho being the longest serving and most renowned of them all.

We know pretty well that those crossed the portals of St. Paul’s are holding distinguished heights and lofty places, exhibiting Pauline attributes and leading praise worthy lives, both personally and careerwise! We are proud of each one of you!! You have actually made St. Paul’s proud!!! I am very sure you remember your School days very fondly and a ‘back to school-call’ is in the offing. Feel free to tell us about your school days…. The email address is

And we wish to connect…! To communicate, to hold hands and walk together a long distance to the pinnacle of unity, sanctifying brotherhood and gratifying co-operation. We are in the process of gathering data of the alumni, if possible from the inception of the school.

I request you to kindly fill the Google form and submit at the earliest so that we can plan our activities for you.

The link is:

With love and regards