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Glorious History


The patron of the School is St. Paul, a saint and a man of letters and of great erudition. His writings generally known as the “Epistles of St. Paul” are classical literary pieces and have great spiritual, theological, ethical and social values. Every sentence of his writings is a ‘quotable quote’ replete with educational, moral and personal values. Hence the school is named after him.

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image_St. Paul's Udaipur Alumni

Fr. Basil Makwana

2018 - Onwards

image_St. Paul's Udaipur Alumni

Rev. Fr. George V.J.

2012 - 2018

image_St. Paul's Udaipur Alumni

Rev. Fr. Thomas Remigius

2005 - 2012

image_St. Paul's Udaipur Alumni

Rev. Fr. Ignatius Roche

2000 - 2005

image_St. Paul's Udaipur Alumni

Rev. Fr. Marcel Dodiyar

1998 - 2000

image_St. Paul's Udaipur Alumni

Rev. Fr. Fidelis Baria

1989 - 1998

image_St. Paul's Udaipur Alumni

Rev. Fr. Sebastian Puthuparambil

1987 - 1989

image_St. Paul's Udaipur Alumni

Rev. Fr. Joseph Anickatt

1982 - 1987

image_St. Paul's Udaipur Alumni

Rev. Fr. Augustine Mannoor

1981 - 1982

image_St. Paul's Udaipur Alumni

Rev. Fr. Avito Coutinho

1956 - 1981

image_St. Paul's Udaipur Alumni

Rev. Fr. Francis Castelino.

1955 - 1956

image_St. Paul's Udaipur Alumni

Rev. Fr. Edger O.F.M. Cap.

16-07-1953 to 1955

A Historical Sketch

 St. Paul’s School Udaipur, was founded on the 16th of July 1953 as an institution with a Mission for the cause of Education with a vision. It was owing to the dedicated efforts of legendaries like Rev. Fr. Edgar, Fr. Victor, Bro. Rezier. It saw 60 summers and winters.

It is a private, unaided Catholic Minority Institution permanently recognised by the Central Board of Secondary Education. It is governed and managed by The Catholic Diocesan Education Society, Udaipur.

 It is situated right in the heart of the city of lakes, adjacent to N.H. 8, linking the political capital (New Delhi) and the Economic Capital (Mumbai) of India. Its surroundings are Salubrious; with a variety of trees providing umbrella-like protection, shade and shelter; a vast and commodious ground with manicured carpet grass, providing an unpolluted, exciting and attractive learning environment.

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The Trajectory Of Growth

The School has completed more than 6 decades of glorious service. It has cut a name for itself as one of the premier Schools in India and is still at the forefront in the field of education and educational innovations.

Many of our alumni are well placed in top-notch jobs within and abroad, bringing in name, fame and glory to their alma mater, the city and the country. Some of them have made a mark in the field of Advanced Software, especially in Silicon Valley. The school has carved a niche for itself in the Educational horizon of India.

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Learning Environment

St. Paul’s Udaipur provides a cosier environment of learning with fun. The educational legacy of St. Paul’s is to prepare the children for a life worth living. The success story of more than sixty years has given St. Paul’s an unmatched culture, a tradition and a trait of its own with cutting-edge methods. St. Paul’s is a brand in itself. This institution has been carrying on the torch of knowledge through value education and character formation with dignity and grandeur because we at St. Paul’s are fully convinced that “Nothing is worth the making that doesn’t make man”.

 The learning environment here is thus unique and beyond the ordinary. We are still committed to developing a learning environment which is: HAPPY, SAFE, SHARING, CARING, COSY and HEALTHY competition with warm co-operation and full of opportunities to bloom and blossom.

image_St. Paul's Udaipur Alumni

Motto Of The School

St. Paul, the patron of the School stood and fought for ‘TRUTH’ and believed that truth alone shall liberate us. Therefore
‘SATYAM MUKTAYE’ is adopted as the motto.